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IDBIDB Communications provides anything from simple broadcast earthstations to complete end-to-end video broadcast and transmission services and facilities.

We can also offer uplink/downlink, record, studio facilities, network administration, network and system design, transponder leasing {voice & data} from full time to part time services.

Ken Ernandes and I support all NASA Space Shuttle missions by generating Orbital Data from the latest Real State Vectors that we receive from several sources, including our primary source the DOD C-Band Radar Network at Cape Canaveral.

The Space Shuttle Orbital Data is prepared by our team three or four times daily during supported missions. The Space Shuttle Orbital Data distribution is via EMAIL, but all postings are mirrored here in the FILES area. This data is provided in TLE, Amsat, and State Vector formats.


USSPACECOM Space-Track Site

The Space-Track.Org website provides access to satellite orbital data received from Department of Defense (DoD). This is the same data, with the same latency that has been provided by the NASA Orbital Information Group (OIG) website for many years. This orbital data consists of Two-Line Element (TLE) sets, Satellite Catalog Messages, Project Tip Messages, Satellite Decay Messages, Predicted Decay Forecasts, Satellite Box Scores, and Satellite Reports.

Space-Track.Org supports both real-time and historical requests for orbital data. The data is provided to this site at irregular intervals around the clock (all times on this web site are GMT). Historical data requests no longer involve human intervention. The data received with the correct format is placed on the web site in a standard format for easy user access. TLEs are posted in near real time as updates are received from the DoD.

Please be advised that Space-Track is owned and operated by the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government provides the data and other materials on this website as a public and general act as a sovereign subject to its discretion concerning the allocation of U.S. Government resources that may be available to support this or other national initiatives. There is no contractual obligation to provide the data or other materials or to warrant the condition or suitability of the data. Use of the data and other materials on Space-Track is subject to their terms, posted here.

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